About Us

“The Vision” 

Halo Academy Inc. is to stand in the resource gap for minority and underserved communities. Halo Academy, Inc. sees children at their purest state and works to help them stay in that state. We envision a childhood that is safe, reliable, productive, and pleasant. We work to diminish the socioeconomic gaps and provide equal access to resources.  We serve and empower our families to secure a future they can rely on. Halo Academy, Inc. sees a future where access is granted.

“The Mission”

Research shows individuals in a lower socioeconomic status is prone to mental health challenges, lack of resources (education, food, etc.), social injustice, and will often find themselves unable to break the cycle without assistance. Halo Academy, Inc. desires to be the assistance needed without stripping families of their pride, sense of well-being, and privacy.

Halo Academy, Inc. gives to their community of young scholars by offering workshops and training in the following areas: STEM, Fine Arts, and Wellness. By flooding their world with positive images of self, equipping them with the necessary assets to survive and thrive in this competitive world, and instilling confidence and motivation in our Young Scholars we are indubitably sowing seeds that will yield for generations to come.

We chose the West African symbol “Aya” as a representation of endurance & resourcefulness. This is exactly what our young scholars have done despite all odds against them. The quality of life is diminished when a family has to choose between staying alive and providing a pleasant life experience for their children. We do the best we have with what we have. Halo Academy, Inc. desires to offer MORE so the families of our Young Scholars don’t have to choose.

It is 2022 and we are still dealing with a pandemic that reaches far beyond our imagination. Families are suffering more than ever as they attempt to live during a once-in-a-lifetime outbreak that has affected the entire planet. Caretakers are still being forced to choose between surviving and living. The eviction rate continues to rise causing them to scramble about how to continue education for their child(ren). There are supplemental requirements that come along with their child’s at-home learning experience, that is out of reach, thus leaving the child standing in the G A P of education. The governments have not reached every pocket of underserved homes. Halo Academy, Inc. works to be the BRIDGE to offer children a chance to participate in community, extracurricular activities without the burden of costs and logistics.

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