Programs We Offer


This interactive workshop is facilitated by licensed clinician, Tamika Archer, LPC-R, MA. The attendees are prompted, encouraged, and celebrated for the unique individuals they truly already. They come to learn, challenge and replace negative perspectives, build self values, and have a great time with their peers. This workshop is open to both girls and boys. You can bring this workshop to your school, church, or club by emailing

The Growers Club

This is a fun club for ALL ages. We exchange seeds, learn about a variety of plant life edible and ornamental that can be grown, in even, the smallest spaces. When it’s harvest time, we get to share and eat!

Feed Them in Summer

This a community food drive to assist families. Typically, we are stationed at various schools throughout Prince William County. If you feel there’s a community in need or you wish to donate and/or volunteer. Please email,

We follow all COVID protocols.

The programs, services, and activities we offer, vary by age.

Our first program, a wellness initiative, is our Urban Agriculture Project also known as The Grower’s Club. We utilize outdoor garden space to teach our Young Ones about sustainability, cultivating relationships, mindfulness, recycling and composting, and how to be responsible for their footprint on this planet. This initiative facilitates conversations on mental wellness, physical wellness, and creativity. We have a seed exchange. We also, show individuals how to improve their green thumb.

Our Creative Space program is designed to pique the imagination and creativity of our Young Ones.

The remaining activities for 2022 are:

Junior Series Paint and Sip 09.10.2022

Outdoor Movie Night 10.08.2022

Young Me E O Webinar Date in November TBD